Salt Water Memories Growing Up in Australia

Growing up on a great big island, it’s no surprise that anyone from Australia has an affinity for the beach that borders on obsession.

Whether it’s the simple life, the bustle and parties, or the lifestyles of the rich and famous, Australians have a deep love obsession with the beach.

Voux Travel Salt Water Memories Growing Up Australia

Everyone in Australia loves the beach in so many ways.

For some it’s the smell of fresh salty sea breezes. Or maybe it’s the sounds of crashing waves or the squawking of seagulls.

Personally I love the feel of white sand between your toes before you enter the big blue sea.

Taking time to reflect I have so many holiday snaps burned into my head.

Voux Travel Growing Up Australia Beach Life

My earliest memories live at Bulcock Beach at Caloundra, Queensland, Australia. The calm waters and child-friendly atmosphere were the idea setting for my parents my two younger brothers and me.

Building sandcastles, playing beach cricket and shopping in the main street were fun-filled holidays we always looked forward to.

Watching the sunset while eating fish and chips on the wooden boardwalk linger as days with not a worry or stress in the world.

Growing old, my family still holidayed at Caloundra but stayed around the point at the surf of Kings Beach.

Braving waves and being pummeled by ‘dumpers’ became second natures as I mastered bodysurfing and boogie boarding. Donning flippers, I got thrills from swimming beyond the breaking waves and out deep with schools of fish.

Hardly a holiday break went by living in Brisbane when I didn’t find myself at the beach – nothing beats playing in nature’s playground, even if it was just for a day trip.

After finishing high school (and being of legal drinking age – 18), Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast became my much-loved beach. For me, it’s all about the great surf, the high-rise accommodation and the buzzing nightlife.

Voux Travel Gold Coast Australia Beach Highrise

Like many, I yearned for the warmer weather as summer always gave me a dose of the sun, surf and sand.

It was always hard to imagine living in a country that didn’t have thousands of kilometres of white sand and warm water.

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