Who’s Game? Market Square Tower Boasts 43rd Floor Glass-Bottom Infinity Pool

Brave swimmers at Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas are able to swim out 10 feet beyond the building facade — 43 stories above the ground.

Yes, you read that right, a glass see-through bottom lets swimmers peer down 500 feet to the bustling street below.

Market Square Tower Boasts 42nd Floor Glass-Bottom Infinity Pool

“We had a lot of debate whether we should do something that bold,” said Philip Schneidau, CEO of developer Woodbranch Investments Corp, told the Houston Chronicle. “It’s been done in Europe and a couple places in the U.S., so we said, ‘Yeah, lets do something with a little extra appeal.’ ”

As the centerpiece of the rooftop terrace, the glass-bottom infinity pool cantilevers over the edge of the tower, giving residents the sensation of swimming in the sky above street.

Who's Game Market Square Tower Boasts 43rd Floor Glass-Bottom Pool

The rooftop pool has received a lot of press – thanks to swimmers taking to social media to post their photos and videos.

“You can “live Life on the Edge” at this beautiful Downtown property!! YES!!! The pool is hanging over the building,” wrote Instagram user @houstoneapartmenthunters.

“Not for the faint hearted, but certainly a fantastic swim for those with an adventurous streak. Either way, an astonishing piece of architecture and engineering,” wrote Instagram user @therealartofliving.

Voux Travel Market Square Tower Boasts 43rd Floor Glass-Bottom Infinity Pool

Market Square Tower also features an expansive sundeck, sky lounge and sky gym on the rooftop terrace.

Rent for one of their 463 units starts at $2,200 and range in square footage from 564-square-foot to 1,950-square-foot 3-bedroom units.

Market Square Tower Boasts 42nd Floor Glass Infinity Pool

Though, if you’re really rolling in the dough, there are a few penthouses with upwards of 2,993 square feet.

For residents who fear heights, Market Square Tower offers a second resort-style pool with cabanas on the second-floor terrace, which overlooks Market Square Park.

Market Square Tower Boasts 42nd Floor Infinity Pool

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