The Magic of Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort is perched on one of the most magnificent islands of the world with sweeping views of the Aegean Sea and Greece’s Delos Island.

Mykonos Grand is one of the many crown jewels of Mykonos. Panoramic turquoise ocean views join the dramatic pool in the land where Greek gods and goddesses were once said to have been born.

This luxury property features cube-shaped Cycladic architecture and a unique view of the ocean from all angles.

Voux Travel Mykonos Grand Hotel Resort Luxury Accomodation Greek Islands Greece Architecture

The guest experience is second to none. After arriving by boat in the early morning, my friend and I were greeted by Konrad, a friendly driver who helped us with our bags and drove us to the resort about 10 minutes away on southwest coast of Mykonos.

Voux Travel Mykonos Grand Hotel Resort Luxury Accomodation Greek Islands Greece Lobby

When we ventured into the lobby of the resort, we immediately felt a sense of serenity. As it was a few hours before regular check-in time, the front desk graciously stored our luggage and walked us to its oceanfront restaurant that serves up complimentary breakfast to guests every morning until 11 am.

Voux Travel Mykonos Grand Hotel Resort Luxury Accomodation Greek Islands Greece Pool View

The breakfast display was a culinary masterpiece. Fresh pastries, exotic Greek cheeses, yogurts, potato croquettes, a medley of fruit, sausages and meats, pancakes, fresh pressed juices, and bottles of bubbly were plentiful. In the back corner there was even an omelet station with a chef eager to make any creation of your choice. Our waitress told us if there’s anything we couldn’t find, we should definitely try to request it. That is always music to my ears.

After our memorable breakfast and a couple of mimosas, we found our way to the stunning pool area below the restaurant and took some time to truly embrace our new surroundings. We found a lounge bed and from that moment on, we knew we were in the place of optimal relaxation.

Voux Travel Magic of Mykonos Grand Hotel Resort.

As the temperature got nice and toasty in the late morning, a pool attendant came over and setup our lounge area for maximum comfort. They even passed along ice cold towels to refresh us.

In case it does ever get too hot in Mykonos, the resort has a full pool bar with plenty of refreshing cocktails to sip. If you are ever hungry be sure to order the Greek Salad. The feta cheese was heavenly and the flavors of the light olive oil dressing gave the fresh tomatoes, green peppers, and olives an amazing burst of flavor.

Aside from the picturesque pool area, the resort also has its own private beach. The water is calm with minimal waves, so there’s an opportunity for a relaxing swim should you need to cool off. You can also explore the seas on a private yacht.

Voux Travel Mykonos Grand Hotel Resort Luxury Accomodation Greek Islands Greece Private Beach

Once it was time to check-in to our room, the front desk attendant found us by the pool and escorted us to our suite. Inside we were greeted by pure opulence: there was a living room with a designer dining table, lounge and widescreen TV. At the end of the room was the first of two balconies with two chairs that looked out over the rest the resort and the Aegean Sea. In the adjoining room was a King Bed and another living area.

Voux Travel Mykonos Grand Hotel Resort Luxury Accomodation Greek Islands Greece Suite Living Room

In the bedroom area, there was also a very deep hot tub next to the window that was surrounded by bath products and more than half a dozen candles. The master bathroom featured a steam shower – the perfect way to detoxify after a day in the sun and get ready for a night out on the island. There was also a second balcony attached to the bedroom that had two lounger beds that reclined.

Each room across the resort opens out to balconies or patios with sea, garden or pool views. I assure you that there’s no bad room at the Mykonos Grand.

Voux Travel Mykonos Grand Hotel Resort Luxury Accomodation Greek Islands Greece Balcony View

Another perk of the resort is a complimentary shuttle service each evening to Mykonos Town. While we were eager to venture into town, we decided to make a quick stop at the White Bar that’s located just off the lobby of the resort.

The bar and lounge area features minimalist decor that adapts to the Mykonian ambiance.

All of the cocktails were made fresh and each was handcrafted. We opted for some refreshing fruity cocktails while we watched the sunset (we highly recommend the Passionfruit Martini)

The other wow factors of the White Bar were the centrally located mirror bar counter, the disco balls and the dramatic outdoor terrace with a telescope to observe views of the bay.

After a refreshing drink, it was time to plan our escape to Mykonos Town which is about 10 minutes away. Our favorite front desk attendant gave us a map and wrote a handful of dining and bar options – showing us where locals go for the best deals and views.

Voux Travel Mykonis Windmalls Greek Island Greece Old Town History

Once we arrived into town we walked the quintessential streets and found the recommended casual dining restaurant Sakis. Here we ordered two amazing gyros and a side of feta cheese – all for about 7 euros. We were amazed by the flavors and the price!

We went to a few other bars for drinks – we definitely recommend visiting Sea Satin, a waterfront seafood restaurant below the island’s iconic windmills located a little bit away from the bustle of the nearby Little Venice area of the town.

Voux Travel Mykonis Windmills Greek Island Greece Old Town Sunset

After exploring a few other bars overlooking the water, we decided to get the last shuttle back to the resort at 10:30 pm. There are cabs available for anyone wanting to stay out later.

The next day we explored more of the resort’s property before relaxing by the pool and eventually checking out late afternoon.

There’s a spa for any guests in need of a massage or a spa treatment. For the more athletic types, there’s tennis and squash courts, a yoga amphitheater and a fitness center.

There were so many personal touches that will make the stay memorable.

Voux Travel Mykonos Grand Hotel Resort Luxury Accomodation Greek Islands Greece Blue White Buildings

The Mykonos Grand has been selected as an SLH Hotel which is a very exclusive distinction by the group Small Luxury Hotels.

This group matches independently-minded guests with independently-spirited hotels. They currently have a collection of over 520 hotels in more than 80 countries with a portfolio of cutting-edge design hotels, palatial 17th century mansions and even properties on private islands.

To get more information and book a stay at the Mykonos Grand Hotel, visit their website.

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