5 Surreal Ibiza Beaches You Must Visit

There’s something surreal about Ibiza’s beaches – you don’t have to walk far to kick off your flip flops and sink your feet into a slice of island paradise.

Ibiza is just 93 miles from mainland Spain featuring more than 50 stunning beaches around the island’s 221 square miles that’s home to just 110,000 people.

If you want to stay close to Ibiza Town there’s no shortage of beaches lined with blue and white lounge chairs alongside bright umbrellas.

Want some privacy?

Explore the island’s coastline away from town and discover nature’s beauty at its best with dozens of hidden beaches and coves.

While the natural sandy beaches exude great natural beauty there’s even more historical worth: many of the 11 miles of beaches are located in remains of past civilizations, old defense towers and other significant locations of Ibiza’s storied culture and history.

1. Cala Llonga, Ibiza

5 Surreal Ibiza Beaches You Must Visit Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga is located between high mountain formations and the mouth of a torrent of dense vegetation. Beneath the nearby cliffs, you have the opportunity to find lonely corners, small coves difficult to get to but perfect for bathing and resting. You will find countless services and ludic options.

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2. Platges de Comte, Ibiza

5 Surreal Ibiza Beaches You Must Visit Cala Long

Featuring several small coves, you will be able to gaze at the colorful spectacle of sunset with the small islands of s´Espartar, des Bosc and sa Conillera as silent witnesses. The combination of sand brithness and the reflection of the sun on its waters of turquoise colour make of this place a real heaven at any time of the year.

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3. Figueretas Beach, Ibiza

5 Surreal Ibiza Beaches You Must Visit Figueretas Beach

Located in the heart of the action when it comes to bustling bars and restaurants, Figueretas Beach is only a 15-minute walk from the Ibiza Town. During the day enjoy the cool ocean breeze while catching some shade under the swaying palm trees dotted along the shoreline.

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4. Tarida Beach, Ibiza

5 Surreal Ibiza Beaches You Must Visit Tarida Beach

Find one of the longest and widest white hidden gems at Tarida Beach, a sheltered bay on the west side of the island. Here the blue sea is truly magnificent with the most amazing clear turquoise colors you’ll ever see. The water is calm and shallow that makes for relaxing bathing and water activities like paddle boats.

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5. Cala Salada, Ibiza

5 Surreal Ibiza Beaches You Must Visit Hidden Beach List

Cala Salada beach is separated by rocky cliffs where a group of old dry-dock stalls blend into them, used by fishermen of the area to shelter their traditional boats, known as men of the area to shelter their traditional boats, known as ‘llaüts’. Quiet and friendly, surrounded by a luxuriant Mediterranean wood, it is full corners where one can relax admiring the landscape or bathe in its transparent waters.

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