Wildlife Adventures in Parc Omega, Quebec

Even as a Canadian, a trip to Parc Omega near Montebello, Quebec felt like a stereotypical Canadian experience that’s full of amazing wildlife.

My husband Sean and I drove through the snowy forest, fed animals from our car, and even made our own maple syrup lollies!

Voux Travel Wildlife Adventures Parc Omega Montebello Quebec DeerI wasn’t sure what to expect when my brother and sister-in-law suggested we go to this animal reserve in Quebec for the day.  Sean and I were visiting them in Ottawa so we left the planning up to them.

Parc Omega is designed so that you drive through the forest along certain routes.

When you arrive, there’s a lodge where you can buy carrots to feed the animals. There’s also a café and souvenir shop. Definitely stock up on carrots as feeding the animals is the best part!

Voux Travel Wildlife Adventures Parc Omega Montebello Quebec Elk

As you begin to drive through the park, many of the animals are roaming freely and come right up to your car to eat the carrots. It’s a bit unnerving at first as these massive elk snouts come right up to your window! My two-year-old niece was not a fan and screamed in fright before quickly falling asleep. We joked that she passed out from fear – she was okay when she woke up though and warmed up a bit to the animals.

Parc Omega is home to a variety of animals. Roaming along the roads were mainly the elk, deer, pigs and even the bison! We were warned when we arrived to not feed the bison. I was in awe of the sheer size of these animals.

There were also a number of fenced off areas where you could see bears, wolves, foxes and moose to name a few!

Voux Travel Wildlife Adventures Parc Omega Montebello Quebec Bears

Part way through the route, there was also a “Sugar Shack.” My sister-in-law was raised in Ontario and was surprised that none of us west-coast Canadians knew what a sugar shack was. So we stopped the car and took the short trek to the sugar shack.

Voux Travel Wildlife Adventures Parc Omega Montebello Maple Syrup LollyHere you could buy various maple syrup products, but the best option was to make your own maple syrup lolly. They simply pour hot maple syrup onto the snow, give you a stick and then you roll the maple syrup on to the stick as it cooled down. This created a delicious maple syrup lollipop! How had I never heard of this before? This is my brother and I (above) pretty proud of ourselves and our maple syrup lollipops.

After we fed the animals all of the carrots and finished driving around the park, we made the short drive into nearby Montebello for lunch before heading back to Ottawa. This was such a fun way to spend a day with family with so many laughs and fond memories.

Voux Travel Wildlife Adventures Parc Omega Montebello Quebec Petting Deer

For more information on Parc Omega, visit www.parcomega.ca.

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